Cut + Style

Cut + Style


Stress relieving treatment, shampoo & cut



$45+ | 60 min





$30+ | 30 min





$20+ | 15 min


Consultation Fee

Because the team at Tillman Salon desires to give you total quality service, we feel it is necessary to do a consultation to establish your needs for cut, color & texture before your first service is performed. Brief consultations will be done with established clients as needed. If services are performed based on the consultation, fee is applied to the service fee (including color services). 



$30+ | 30 min



Stress relieving treatment, shampoo & style

(+) Indicates price variations among server providers that are based on education and experience. Tillman Salon encourages and requires all service staff to seek continuing education. Once professionals complete training and educational workshops within their industry, their prices will increase to reflect new skill level.